Monday, July 9, 2007

In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was Nothing. And from Nothingness, God created the universe out of sheer will.

Yeah, right. Like God had nothing better to do on a Monday morning. Like escaping the cosy embrace of His bed and getting to work. Deleting spam and answering mail. Pecking on the keyboard to look busy while checking out that bit of skirt out of the corner of His eye. And sneaking off for coffee every 20 minutes.

Yet, miraculously, God did create the universe one Monday morning. What's downright unacceptable, though, is that baloney about "sheer will".

He used a readymade template. Actually, He randomly picked one of the eight templates available, figuring out that he could always go back and change and customize if He wasn't satisfied with the way things looked.

He pottered around, fiddling something here, twiddling something there. He worked on polishing His Profile, tinkered with the Settings and wrote out the Ten Commandments.

And finally, when He had run out of every excuse to put off working, He posted His first blog.

Did any of this cure Him of His foul mood? Expectedly, no. Nonetheless, it was a beginning...